Tyrannus Hall

Union Biblical Seminary, Bibwewadi, Pune      

Pune Tyrannus Hall (PTH)   

The Pune Tyrannus Hall is a residential facility for Christian Male Students pursuing their studies in secular Colleges in Pune city.  Residents are moulded into Disciples by providing boarding and lodging facilities.  The objective is to develop responsible human beings with Christian values and dedication and faithfulness to God in all manner of life.

Tyrannus Hall name originates from the Ephesians Lecture Hall managed by a man named Tyrannus, in which Apostle Paul reasoned daily with his disciples for two years (Acts 19:9,10). As a result, “all who lived in Asia heard the Word of the Lord.”

Almost 60 years ago, Dr. Charles and Elouise Corwin established a Residence Hall in Tokyo to provide both a ‘home away from home’ and a conducive environment for young men to realize their Christian potential during their University years. Its aim was to strengthen young disciples so they, as lay leaders, could build up the local church and impact their world with the Word of the Lord. Since its beginnings in Tokyo, 20 other Tyrannus Halls have been established in various parts of Asia and Europe.

The Pune Tyrannus Hall (PTH) began in 1988 with six students and its three-story structure is located on the UBS Campus. Today, twenty-five young men of the PTH come from several Indian States and study at different local Colleges in Pune city. Residents are encouraged to practice the following six pillars of Tyrannus Hall:

  1. Academic Excellence

  2. Student Led Devotions

  3. Outreach

  4. Theological Lectures

  5. Physical Fitness

  6. Leadership Development.

Residents are encouraged to read the Bible, pray and grow in Christian Maturity. They learn to respect and appreciate diversity as they practice brotherly love in staying together with multi-linguistic and multicultural students from all over India. They have student led devotions, theological lectures, retreats, excursion trips, and other spiritual and leadership development activities. They are expected to excel in their academic life and daily strict timings for study are maintained.  From time to time they participate in sports and other activities of the Union Biblical Seminary.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

The Principal,

Pune Tyrannus Hall

Union Biblical Seminary,

Behind Ramyanagari,

Bibwewadi, Pune – 411 037

Phone: 02024211203 / 747/ Ext. 375

Email: principal@ubs.ac.in