Centre of Church Music

Here is a brief report of the Center for Church Music Program. I am very glad to you that, by the grace of God program is going on well and we thank the Lord for His faithfulness and leading.


This academic objective is make a good church music director or ministry after this course. And they can activities choir conductor, accompanist, and lead by church music. During which I introduce the center for church music program from UBS.

We started our Church music classes from the 6th of July 2015. This year we have three Professor(Choral conducting, String, Keyboard)and 30 students.(Choral conducting 1 student, Violin 3 students, Basic Keyboard 12 students, Keyboard Intermediate course 2 students)


JANG BYEONG WOOK (Visiting Teacher)
Choral & Conducting
YANG KUM HEE (Visiting Teacher)
Keyboard & Music Theory
YOUN SEON YOUNG (Visiting Teacher)
String & Violin

Student Status

SubjectKeyboardStringChoral Conducting
Total18 Students  



1. Music subject include regular class.

- Now the music subject is extra class. Regular classes are not created because of the stringent regime, even if it is difficult for students active class participation.

2. Understang of church music, Choral, Hymns classes include Electives subject.

- Church music is very important from Theological. The student should be taken this course. Music and Theology because it is closely related.

The Center of Church Music is making a significant contribution is giving music training to our students. This year the classes have commenced from 6th of July with 18 students. Three more teachers from Korea, Jang ByeongWook, Yang Kum Hee and YounSeon Young have joined the teaching staff to teach Choral&Conducting;, Keyboard&Music; Theory, and String & Violin.


Mr. Jang ByeongWook (Visiting Faculty)
Chief of Staff Department of Center for Church Music
Mobile 7507341074
UBS, Pune