UBS has started a school in the city of Pune. The objective is to relate to surrounding community by providing quality education based on Christian values to produce outstanding citizens.

Office Address:
Kline Memorial School of UBS
Next to Ramyanagari Colony
Opp: Chintamani Hospital, Bibvewadi, Pune
Contact No. 020 – 24231054
E-mail ID : kline@ubs.ac.in
Thanks Regards,
Mr. Benjamin Simon


The Union Biblical Seminary Alumni Association is an association of all the graduates, graduating students, present academic and administrative staff of the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. It was founded with a humble aspiration of fostering mutual fellowship and cooperation among members and extending support to the seminary.

The history of the UBSAA could be traced back to the ever first graduates of the seminary. The very first ever graduates of the seminary was the class of 1956, at G.Th. level. This was followed by the first graduates at the B.D. level in 1958. Ten years later, there were graduates from five different courses: Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.), Bachelor of Religious Education (B.R.E.), Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.), Graduate in Theology (G.Th.) and four year diploma for non-matriculates.

Right from the first graduates to the present, the UBS Alumni are serving and involving in different capacities in various spheres of Christian ministry. These include pastoral ministry, teaching, missionary, administration and the likes. Among those who are in pastoral ministry in particular, some are holding key positions as bishops, presidents and chairpersons of synods and conferences. The alumni also serve as tutors and supervisors of interns and tutors in the Distance Education Department. Those alumni ministering in Pune city in particular are also serving as the supervisors of the week-end ministry teams. At present, there are some Alumni Chapters; ie. the Pune Chapter, the Mumbai Chapter, the Delhi Chapter…


The UBSAA was founded with twofold primary aims. First is to foster mutual fellowship and co-operation with one another as graduates and former students of Union Biblical Seminary. It is also to extend prayer and financial support to the seminary.


There are three category of membership :
1. Full Members-All graduates of Union Biblical Seminary (Residential & Extension)2. Associate Members-Officially registered students in former years and the current graduating class. All students’ wives who registered and completed any certificate course offered by UBS
3. Honorary Members-Part and present academic and administrative staff without voting rights.


You can contribute UBSAA by:

1. Praying for the association
2. Participating in its events and activities
3. Supporting financially

Contact :

Rev. Vijay Mekwan, President
Mr. Arpit Desai, Secretary, alumni@ubs.ac.in, 00 91 770 960 1239
Rev. Premanand Bagh, Treasurer


UBS is situated on a beautiful hillock in the thriving city of Pune which is famously known as “Oxford of the East”. The UBS is blessed with beautiful campus with spacious infrastructure to hold conferences, seminars and workshops for smaller to large number of participants.

The Continuing Education Building of Union Biblical Seminary, which is also utilised as a guest house for the benefit of various organisations, institutions and NGO, provides excellent conference facility for 150 plus people at a time. It has 32 independent rooms attached toilet & bathrooms and four suits for the family. We also have four two bedrooms quarters to accommodate more number of participants. During the summer and Christmas break the Seminary can even provide accommodation for 800 participants.

We have two big conference rooms which can accommodate 500 plus people. The UBS’ chapel provides excellent atmosphere for worship, where 400 people can easily accommodated.

Come and enjoy this facility for a very reasonable rate. For bookings contact the Financial Planning & Resources – 020-24211747 or 24211203 Extn. 330. Mobile +91-9922221616 or+91-20-24218834