Affiliation and Accreditation

Affiliated to the Senate of Serampore (BD, MTh and DTh)

Union Biblical Seminary is affiliated to the Senate of Serampore both in BD, MTh and DTh level. The Accreditation Commission of the Board of Theological Education of the National Christian Council of India examined and accredited the Seminary in March 1964 at the diploma and degree levels. The Commission visited the Seminary again in 1974 for the purpose of accrediting all its degree courses. Since the early seventies, the work of the Commission has been carried on by the Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College. Serampore College was founded by Carey, Marshman and Ward in 1818. In 1827 the Danish Government granted it a charter permitting it to confer degrees. In 1918 the Government of West Bengal passed the Serampore College Act, by which the Council of Serampore College was enlarged and the Senate of Serampore was constituted to represent various Christian communities in India. In 1919 provision was made for other colleges in the Indian sub-continent to be affiliated to Serampore College.


Accreditation by the Asia Theological Association (BTh, DMS, MDiv, ThM, PhD)

Our BTh and MDiv (Extension in Marathi),DMS, MDiv (Extension in English), MDiv (Extension in Hindi), and ThM (residential) programmes are accredited by ATA. With a concern to reach the vast numbers of unreached people with the gospel, the first Evangelical Asia and South Pacific Congress on Evangelism was held in Singapore in 1968. The Asia Theological Association is a direct outcome of this Congress, and Evangelical theologians held their first theological consultation in Singapore, in July 1970, to promote cooperation and fellowship. Since then ATA has become the coordinating body for Evangelical theological education in Asia.